Trade Talk Afrika

A Pan African podcast about trade, trends and investment opportunities.

A podcast by Bethel Advisors and Rumo Inc.

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Trade Talk Afrika is a Pan African Podcast about trade, investment opportunities, and happenings. Our goal is to discuss opportunities across the continent, from Tunis to Cape Point and from Djibouti, all the way to Conakry!

We explore developments in trade, investment commitments, and economic growth across Africa.

While global economic growth rates average at just under 3%, average African economic growth ranges at 3.4%, with East Africa maintaining the lead as the continent’s fastest growing region at 5% per annum according to AFDBBut what hinders this growth and how can African businesses engage intra-continentally? How can African businesses think more regionally?

Sub-Saharan Africa boasts of the world’s largest free trade area, comprising a market of 1.2billion people, which if leveraged could create new pathways to economic growth by harnessing natural resources and human capital. Again, how can this become a reality?

Our hosts will meet with thought leaders, game changers, practitioners, and policymakers to discuss the trends and under currents shaping agreements, and transactions across the continent. From technology, trade policy, barriers to commodities trade, tourism, and cultural differences, each episode offers unique perspectives to the issues changing the African story.